Explosive Celebration

It’s a little lonely without reading Facebook.  Yeah, I admit it. What did I do before Facebook?  I lived a lonely life, I suppose.  I’ve done it once, I can do it again. There’s always TV. And gun fighting. If I were still a smoker, I could sit outside and smoke. Ah! That’s it…I’m still a drinker, so I can sit outside and drink.

We had planned on going to watch the fireworks over Lake Balboa, but my favorite wife is a bit under the weather…or just not in the mood…so I’ll make a toast to the sound of explosive celebration.

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2 Responses to Explosive Celebration

  1. John says:

    If I did not have to deal with my favorite wife’s addiction to stuff I would not watch if someone paid me (!!), I would be off DirecTV instantly. A good friend has gone cable-less and likes it..but he misses a few things. Online watching is just fine for me…in fact, I prefer it…it is on my own schedule. We have temporary neighbors across the street, I hope for only another night or two, who are deeply into fireworks. The house is a rental…short term…and the renters like aiming bottle rockets at my house. I may expose my very unhappy side if they do it tonight. I will try to keep my homicidal tendencies in check.

  2. robin andrea says:

    We gave up our directv when we moved and decided not to renew or even get cable. We bought some HD rabbit ear antennas. We actually get ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, FOX (not news!), two movie channels and some other stations that play oldies. The reception is great and we get to watch a little bit of TV before bed. When Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert come back from vacation, we’ll watch them streaming the day after broadcast. It’s really good to be untethered from the big corporate monsters.

    Our neighbors decided to have their own fireworks display until well past midnight. Firecrackers and insane sparkling lights for hours and hours. It was the first thing since we moved that made me miss our quiet life in the country.

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