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Too Little Sleep

I wonder what it is that dashes expectations and wishes on the rocks?  Whatever crushes those crucial components of hope should be incinerated.  None of us need such oppression. But here we are.  My mood proves to me that, on … Continue reading

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Questions with no Answers

Perhaps the solitude does it.  The deepest, darkest hours of the night may unearth questions otherwise buried under the daytime rubble of incomplete thoughts and hurried conversations.  Regardless of their genesis, the questions tend to arise when I awaken many … Continue reading

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Road Trip to Florida

We (my wife, Janine, and I) spent the last fourteen days, more or less, on the road.  The destination was Florida, where my wife’s high school friend now lives.  The first day on the road, a Sunday, we drove about … Continue reading

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It’s just after 6:00 am on a Sunday morning.  I’ve been awake for well over an hour.  While my wife slept in the hotel’s king bed, I showered and got dressed.  It must be my way of returning to normalcy. … Continue reading

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There Has Been Blood

For the fourth time in just over a week, I had a nosebleed this evening.  The very first one and this one were severe; both took over 20 minutes of “treatment” to conquer.  Though I have read about all sorts … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing, Mississippi Style

Last night, my wife and I had our first-ever experience as couch-surfers.  It was delightful. Our host, a guy in his mid-thirties, was truly an interesting character. He is acquisitions editor for a university press, a position he has held … Continue reading

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Couch Surfing the Southern Route

As my wife and I began preparing for our trip to Florida, we discussed the possibility of finally doing some couch surfing.  While we’ve hosted other couch surfers, we have yet become guests of other hosts.  This morning, we decided … Continue reading

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What to Do, What to Do…Well, Let’s Drive!

During the past several weeks, I’ve been contemplating what I will do to earn a living as my extended sabbatical slowly comes to an end. I’ve already extended my planned one year of leisure to fourteen months and am planning … Continue reading

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