There Has Been Blood

For the fourth time in just over a week, I had a nosebleed this evening.  The very first one and this one were severe; both took over 20 minutes of “treatment” to conquer.  Though I have read about all sorts of possible causes, I have been able to rule out only a few; the rest range from possible to slightly more possible…none are obvious culprits.

Why my nose has chosen this particular week to become beligerent—a week dedicated to road-trips, couch surfing, visiting with friends, and other activities unsuited for mixing with nosebleeds— is beyond my comprehension. I shall have words with the proprietor at a time apropos for a heart-to-nose conversation.

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  1. druxha says:

    Those are terrible, John. My son had a similar problem. They started out of the blue, and very hard to control. I don’t know if this is your first episode with this problem. In my sons case, it had appeared to be taking a chronic pattern, the only solution was to cauterize some of the capillaries. He hasn’t had any nosebleeds or problem since. Just food for thought, John….:)

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