Tripping on Bastante Burgers and Brew

We spent much of the day wandering toward Tupelo, Mississippi, mostly on back roads in Arkansas and Mississippi. Except for the occasional spawn of satan (let me go on record that I do not believe in satan, but I do believe certain of his progeny have managed to get access to vehicles and their keys) who wants nothing more than to commit murder by motor vehicle upon encountering geezers traveling only ten to fifteen miles per hour over the posted speed limit, our drive was pleasant. Those few occasions when said spawn tailgated me at 70 miles per hour in a 55 MPH zone offered strong arguments against allowing me to possess firearms. On at least one occasion, an argument could have been made that I should not be allowed to control the steering wheel and accelerator pedal of a car capable of reaching speeds of 90 miles per hour and more. But those short-lived spikes of volcanic rage notwithstanding, today was a pleasant one. I enjoyed driving the back roads of Arkansas and Mississippi. I especially enjoyed driving through swamp land in which huge cypress trees, surrounded by their own cypress “knees” rose from bayou waters. Gorgeous stuff!

We stopped for lunch at one of the only non-chain restaurants we encountered. Our luck was good; decent food, pleasant staff, and reasonable prices. For dinner, after we stopped rather early for the night in Tupelo, we chose the Blue Canoe, a one-of-a-kind funk house restaurant that serves all sorts of draft and bottled beer. Our burgers were massive and tasty. Mine, cooked medium rare just as I ordered it, caused the flowing juices to effectively ruin the bun. That mattered not to me. The thing tasted so damn good! I had two high ABV beers, so I’m about ready to call it a night at only a few minutes after 8:00 p.m. I’ve had both beers before (a wonderful double IPA and a superb ale), but the opportunity to taste them again was welcomed. It’s been so long I felt like I was trying them again for the first time.

Though I enjoyed the beer and the food, I feel like I’ve had far too many calories for this year, so I may have to cut back until 2019. That’s going to be hard, given my commitments for the rest of the year. Perhaps a cut-back until 2020 is in order.

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  1. Why cut back at all? Calories, much like age, are just numbers… 🙂

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