Buy a Ticket?

The time fast approaches for our tamalada, the tamale party we offered to our church auction. The offering garnered three winning bids, so we’ll have three couples joining us on Cinco de Mayo (cheesy cultural appropriation, I know, but it’s respectful appropriation) to make pork and jalapeño tamales, eat chile con queso and guacamole, and drink margaritas and Mexican beer.  These sorts of events appeal to me. Utterly informal gatherings at which laughter and appreciation for the company of others (in the presence of satisfying food) is all that matters.

It occurs to me that I’d be happy arranging such events monthly! Now, the question is whether I can sell tickets.

Seriously, might a food-fueled social engagement meet my need for entrepreneurial activity and, simultaneously, meet a need for relaxed social engagement in the Village? I think, on reflection, I have answered my own question. People don’t need someone in the form of entrepreneurial gadabout to generate social engagement in the Village. It just happens.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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