Temporarily Feeble

An absence from my blog feels odd to me, as if I have been incarcerated for several days as punishment for an inexcusable infringement of rules I had not realized I had so badly broken. Returning to write, even a few brief paragraphs, feels like a test of my commitment to “doing better” than the previous behavior—the behavior that had caused the abrupt withdrawal of my freedom to think publicly with my fingers.

The reason for the lack of new posts these last several days is that I was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday afternoon, after a very unpleasant Monday afternoon and evening and Tuesday morning. The unpleasantness was caused by a combination of pneumonia, COPD, and a longer-than-reasonable refusal to take action to resolve my symptoms by letting healthcare professionals take charge. I finally did that on Tuesday; the doctors and nurses immediately took charge and treated me like a needy patient, which is what I was (and, to an extent, remain).

At any rate, I was released from the hospital yesterday and am home now, committed to following medical advice.  I will follow this brief post with another, dealing with my upcoming cancer treatments, later today or tomorrow. And I will try to return to writing about matters unrelated to my health—matters more interesting and more meaningful than an account of the medical journeys of a temporarily feeble old man.

For now, a brief visit to a very cold Sunday morning Insight service at church, followed by bundling up at home in preparation for several days of brutally cold weather, which possibly will include considerable snow and maybe icy conditions.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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