Today was special, not because it was filled with activities in which we rarely have the opportunity to be involved but because we enjoyed what was available. After we visited several stores in search of fennel, we finally found it at the Kroger on Airport. It wasn’t visible in the vegetable section, so we asked Jesus, a young guy whose badge said he was a member of the produce section team. He led us to the place it should have been, but the bin was empty. He asked us to wait and then ran back to see if he had some on back.  A few minutes later he came back, carrying a box on his shoulder. He opened it up and, voila, fennel. But it was in pretty sad shape. My wife said she was most interested in the bulbs, not the fronds or leaves. He then offered to take it to the back, cut off the leaves, and put the bulbs in a “discount dollar bag” for us, which he proceeded to do. Outstanding customer service! (When we got home, I sent an email to Kroger, asking the company to acknowledge his superior service and give him a hefty raise.)

But that wasn’t the only thing we enjoyed that made today special. On the way home, I half-joked to my wife that we might stop at SQZBX Pizza for a draft beer. She suggested, instead, that we visit Core Brewing’s new(ish) pub on Central. So we did. She had no interest in going there. She offered it only because I’d talked about it for a month or more. So we did. I tried two of their draft beers and chatted with the bartender. She tolerated the experience and played Words with Friends.

Both experiences today were magical in a sense. I’m glad we found the fennel, because my wife wants to try two recipes that call for it (fennel is, by the way, a Spring vegetable!). But I’m delighted that my wife suggested we stop at Core; she’s the love of my life!

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