Nothing of Consequence

If my accumulated sleep during the past several weeks could be applied for later use, I might be able to get by without any sleep at all until sometime in late March or early April. Alas, I doubt that is a possibility, though I am not sure why not. I suppose one’s need for sleep is based on 24-hour cycles (or some such periodic measures). Sleep experts/ investigators probably could address that matter, but inasmuch as I do not know any such experts and do not have the discipline at the moment to do research on sleep requirements, my question will go unanswered. Was that really a question, though? It was an implicit question, I think, even if not phrased as a question.


I woke to the alarm at 5:30 this morning, after long, long, long periods of sleep. We need to leave at 6:15 for the hospital, where a general surgeon will slice into me and jam a port into my chest. I hope he will not be so rough about it as my words might suggest. But I will be under general anesthesia (I think…oh, pleeeasse) during the procedure, so I will be unaware of whether his surgical manner is gentle or rough. Given the timeframe involved, this blog post must, of necessity, be very nearly finished. If I had awakened earlier, I could have written a much longer post. But I did not. So there you are. An almost wasted set of moments, with nothing of consequence on the screen. Such is life.

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2 Responses to Nothing of Consequence

  1. Thanks, Trish. Yep, mine was under general anesthesia.

  2. Druxha says:

    Good luck with the port, John . I had mine implanted under general anesthesia for the same reason as you. Take good care.

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