I would rather it be scheduled sooner, but it is what it is: I will have a PET-scan one week from today; I will see the oncologist the day after to discuss the results. Depending on the results, we either will have the freedom to take a delayed short road trip or I will prepare for the medical journey that follows. After the PET-scan that pinpointed my lung cancer, five years ago, I had a needle biopsy (fully sedated, thankfully). I am getting ahead of myself; until I get the PET-scan results, there’s no point in speculating about what—if any—steps might follow. As the nurse said, the CT-scan might simply have revealed scar tissue.


My headache disappeared—or, at least, was minimally annoying—for much of the day yesterday. It is back this morning; not severe, but noticeable enough that I curse the constant minor pain. I suspect it’s sinus-related. Acetaminophen seems to have little impact on my headache. I doubt my doctor or his nurse would be willing to prescribe anything more powerful without seen me, again, first. The pain is not sufficient, at the moment, to warrant another visit. I’d rather it not become sufficient.


The most valuable thing
we can do for the psyche, occasionally,
is to let it rest, wander,
live in the changing light of a room,
not try to be or do
anything whatever.

~ May Sarton ~


I will try to follow May Sarton’s advice. Just chill. I could sleep again right now, I think. But I won’t. Not for the moment. I won’t read the news, either. I will simply sit as comfortably as I can, have another espresso, and watch the day emerge.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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