For ten days and then some, my wife has been trying to recover her strength at home, after having been discharged from a rehab facility in which her strength ebbed during her two-month-plus stay. That struggle has not been easy. Today, there was a setback when her blood pressure fell to the point that visiting occupational and physical therapists could not get a reading. After I contacted my wife’s primary care doctor (her nurse, actually), I was advised to take my wife to the ER for evaluation. I called 911 and an ambulance took her to the hospital ER (because my wife is bedridden, I had no way to transport her). At the ER, they were able to measure her blood pressure. The upper number was 80 and below on every reading; the lower number was extremely low, as well. After a short while, a doctor told me she would probably be admitted. Later, another doctor told me she would be admitted into the ICU because her blood pressure was so low and, it appears, was not responding to normal interventions. So, I came home. I did not want to come home without my wife tonight. Although I do not know how I would have gotten her home if she had not been admitted; she needs transport in a wheelchair (I could have gone home and gotten it), which I cannot do in either of our vehicles. I guess I better figure that out before she is released. Dammit. This wasn’t supposed to happen.

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  1. David Legan says:

    I have a good friend whose wife is in ICU after a brain aneurism a week ago. She is drug comatose and her doctor says that it could go either way. And tonight I read your story, as my wife sleeps comfortably two rooms over. I am more lucky than I ever thought, and you have reminded me of that. I am as thankful for my good fortune as I am sorry for you and my friend. My thoughts are with you both.

  2. Doug REctor says:


  3. Meg Koziar says:

    Holding you both in my heart, John.

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