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Returning to the Empty Well

This morning, as I am sometimes wont to do, I wandered aimlessly through some of my old blog posts, looking for evidence of creativity and talent. “Looking” is the wrong word. “Hoping” better describes my motive. What I found did … Continue reading

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A Modest List of Things to Do

I have a mental list of things I want or need to do.  The problem: the list is mental. An intangible list of things to do can too easily be ignored, overlooked, shuffled and reshuffled, modified, explained away, etc. I … Continue reading

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Prevarication or Procrastination

I lied. At least that’s the way it looks.  No paint.  No brushes. No caulk.  Nothing.  And today is not looking any better.  I have my reasons, mind you, but it appears, nonetheless, that I lied. And I am nothing, … Continue reading

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It’s time for me to return to the important task at hand: getting the house ready to sell. I’ve been remiss of late in that I’ve essentially withdrawn from my responsibilities for taking care of a lot of cosmetic necessities. … Continue reading

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The Algebra of Procrastination

Procrastination is a calculation.  It’s a calculation of value.  It goes something like this: If X=the pain of doing the task; and Y=the pleasure of having done the work; Then the task will be done when the value of Y … Continue reading

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