Again Tomorrow

As if cancer isn’t enough, some sort of virus (or whatever) has either returned or has come out of hibernation. The symptoms: headache, chills, fever, fatigue…and perhaps a few others that do not come immediately to mind. I have been wrapped in heavy blankets so I can keep just tolerably warm. Sleeping seems to be my favorite pass-time. Headaches and neckaches and other achiness are my constant companions. The symptoms are mostly annoying, not truly troublesome. But I am impatient with all these damn annoyances. I’ve been avoiding crowds for a week or more (at least), as part of my efforts to remain COVID-free and flu-free in preparation for my upcoming CT-guided biopsy; I do not want illness to get in the way of moving ahead with a treatment regimen. This paragraph is a health rant; I do not like to write health rants, but experiencing them is even less appealing. Maybe, if I ignore my symptoms, they will go away?


The day outside my window looks beautiful; blue skies, little or no breeze…but the temperature is a bit on the low side (43°F now, on the way to 52°F ). Thanks in part to one of my symptoms (the inability to get and stay warm), I dare not go out to face temperatures that could trigger another round of chills. So I look out the window and feel grateful that my house is, for now, warm and cozy.


Enough…yet again, I seem unable to write anything of consequence. My head is full of ideas that do not belong there. I will try again tomorrow.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to Again Tomorrow

  1. Thanks much for your comment, Trish!

  2. Druxha says:

    Sorry to hear this, John. Hope this virus runs its course in a hurry. Take good care, feel better soon to continue your course of action plan.

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