I believe there is a market for RV rentals—a market that does not require renters to drive or drag miniature homes along the world’s highways. While the market would require renters to drive to the markets, at least the damage the drivers do to the highways and byways would be less than the wear and tear done by heavy RVs. What I have in mind might be considered equivalent to “roughing it motels;” RVs permanently positioned and connected to water and sewer connections in RV parks. Renters would drive to their reserved spots, climb inside the RV occupying the spot, and enjoy the comforts of “the RV lifestyle” without the stress and danger of “the RV lifestyle.” Another benefit of “roughing it motels” would be a dramatically-reduced need to build RVs suited to the punishment delivered by travel over bumpy highways. These “roughing it motel” suites would not require roadworthiness beyond simply getting from the factory to their permanent home. Meaning, of course, they would be cheaper to build. Tiny houses, now enjoying a mammoth resurgent in popularity (as I understand it), could be used in place of RVs, of course. My point is that people who love the idea of simply getting up and hitting the road and “camping” in the wilderness or in semi-rural forests or other less populous environs could do it without the bother of taking their little homes with them.

I understand, of course, this market would not spring into being instantly. But I have an idea that might prod the process along. Many (most, perhaps?) RV owners today who do not live permanently or semi-permanently in their RVs must keep their little homes in storage when not in use. “Roughing it motel parks” could take the place of storage, at least in the short term, giving both the park owner and the RV owner a stream of income. Existing RV parks could provide space and management for “roughing it motels,” bringing in revenue with each rental.

The nay-sayers will find dozens, probably hundreds, of reasons this idea will not work. Not now, not ever. But they said the same thing when Al Gore invented the internet and when Robin Hood invented criminal philanthropy. All I ask is for people to let the idea percolate. Then, when its brilliance becomes apparent, I only ask for a $1,000 contribution toward implementation of the concept.

I realize the term “roughing it motels” is not appealing and would not serve the concept well with regard to marketing. So, I’ll need to come up with something sexier, flashier, and more appealing to both the would-be renter and the would-be park operator/RV owner. Give me a few days. In the meantime, be among the first to invest. The first 1,000 investors will receive a complete set of kitchen knives and a slab of thick-sliced bacon.


My next idea is for a bicycle with a vibrating seat. I’m calling it the OrgasmicycleTM. Contact me for details and investment opportunities.


If it’s not obvious yet, I’m in a strange and whimsical mood this morning. Perhaps it’s because I have temporarily eliminated the burden of the impending tax deadline. While it’s only a temporary reprieve, it is enough to make me moderately giddy, at least for a while. A few months, if I delay it to the maximum. But I think I’ll just allow myself a breather, then return to the process. It’s not as complex as I originally thought, but it’s still an annoyance that need not be so intrusive and irritating. I doubt, though, that will change.


Tomorrow, I plan to smoke some ribs and, possibly, a pork loin, with the objective of feeding my very nice, generous, kind, and generally pleasant neighbors. I will brine the pig meat this afternoon and evening, readying it to smoke for a few hours tomorrow afternoon. This assumes, of course, that the smoker remains useable. It has been sitting inside the screen porch since the pandemic began. I have not opened the door for more than a year. It’s entirely possible its inside metal lining has rusted through, rendering the device unusable. In that case, I will attempt to use the gas grill as a smoker-alternate by heating just one end of the grill and placing the pork on the other end. On the grate at the heated end, I will place a hand-crafted aluminum “sack” filled with applewood chips. Voilá, a smoker-alternative! I hope I do not have to do that, though, because I have no idea whether it will work. It could simply result in burned pig meat with a smoke-laden crust of inedible carbon. Time will tell, I say.


My coffee is cold, but the house is sufficiently clean and ready for its periodic cleaning by a professional. That means, essentially, the floors will look far better this afternoon than they do now.  Damn! I’ve just torn a scab off my left hand, resulting in a tiny flow of blood. I must stop and either find some Neosporin or call 911.

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8 Responses to Whimsanity

  1. I’ll check into the book, Meg. I was impressed by the movie. A Prius…crazy, isn’t it?! And thanks for letting me know why you read it, Meg.

  2. kozimeg says:

    Read Nomadland. The movie next in my Netflix Que. Recommend the book – learn about RVs and smaller moving abodes (one guy lives in a Prius – a PRIUS). Meg
    PS I read it because you write it, and I’m curious.

  3. I think not. I think it was purely coincidental. Except perhaps that your mention of Guccione (you were the one to mention his name as a possible trivia answer, right?), as sleazy as he was, may have triggered entrepreneurial thoughts. And my idea is entrepreneurial. Admittedly sleazy, but entrepreneurial, nonetheless. 🙂

  4. Colleen Boardman says:

    Yes, it just steered your mind to the gutter. ; )

  5. Hah! Coincidental that Guccione’s name came up during trivia, isn’t it! 😉

  6. Colleen Boardman says:

    True. I was quite surprised to see cabins at KOA. As for the other, perhaps you should talk to Bob Guccione.

  7. Damn! You certainly burst my little bubble! But the fact that I was unaware of the “not fancy cabins” suggests I may need to work with KOA on their marketing efforts. 😉 As for the Orgasmicycle, I’m waiting for investors.

  8. Colleen Boardman says:

    I think your idea is called “not fancy cabin”. KOA campgrounds already have them. Sorry. Now, as for the Orgasmicycle…

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