Like clockwork. Fortunately, I went to bed very early again (around 9), so I got a few hours sleep before cramps and insomnia conspired to wake me. At my brother’s suggestion, I drank tonic water to ward off cramps; apparently it didn’t work (though I had some after I got up and the quinine may have done some good). It’s not just leg cramps. It’s snapping wide awake at 2:00 a.m. and feeling like sleep is not in the cards in the immediate future. Argh.

I’ve been up for two hours now and doubt I’ll try to sleep any time soon. Yesterday afternoon, I think I napped a bit, though my intent was only to relax in my recliner. I may have dozed. So maybe I’m getting adequate sleep, just on an unusual schedule.

The dream is only a vague memory now, slipping fast, but I dreamed I was involved in some way with a magazine about the Texas border with Mexico. The few scenes I remember make no sense to me. I should have written it all down when I woke up.

I don’t feel like writing. I think it’s obvious. So I’ll stop.


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