Un Qualunque Mattino

Some of my favorite tunes are by Gianmaria Testa, an Italian singer-songwriter. I do not understand the words to any of his music because I do not speak Italian, but I think I understand the emotions of the music. Still, I wish I had access to someone fluent in Italian, someone who would listen to the music and translate it for me. I’ve tried freetranslation.com; I am relatively certain the translations are not very good, because the words do not make sense, even if Testa writes in metaphors and similes.

One of the tunes I find especially compelling is entitled Dentro la tasca di un qualunque mattino, which translates roughly into “Inside the pocket of any morning.” Would that I had access to a solid, complete translation of the song’s lyrics!

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4 Responses to Un Qualunque Mattino

  1. Carol, as you know, you are wonderful! Thank you! I never knew about lyricstranslate.com! And, Juan, I am sure you will enjoy his music.

  2. jserolf says:

    I just ordered the album with this song on it, Sol0 Dal Vivo. Impressive piece….It’s no doubt a tune that will catch me in tears one evening. 😉

  3. Carol Morgan says:

    Yeah – pretty cool. The CD liner notes say “Inside the pocket of any morning / I would hide you inside the pocket / And without anyone seeing / With my hand I would caress you”

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