Two Fruitless Hours

It is not the body,
not the personality that is the true self.
The true self is eternal.
Even on the point of death
we can say to ourselves,
‘My true self is free.
I cannot be contained.’

~ Marcus Aurelius ~


I’ve spent the last two hours trying to write a blog post. No, I did not try. I actually wrote a few. But all of them could have been interpreted wrong; or right, depending on one’s perspective. So I erased what I’d written and started over. Still, it was not suitable for publication. So I abandoned it all. Some days, it’s best to keep one’s thoughts to oneself. Some days, the insecurities and anger and fear and wishes are just not good for public consumption. So I gave up and tried to find something innocuous.


Throwing-axes have an interesting history. In my opinion, the history as presented by Wikipedia is far more intriguing than the information offered on the World Axe-Throwing League website. But that just may be me. I found reading about the sleek and attractive francisca (a throwing-axe used as a weapon during the Early Middle Ages by the Franks) is more interesting than learning about the rather clunky-looking axes used in modern-day lumberjack axe-throwing competitions. And the Viking axes, similar to francisca, are more appealing to me than today’s new-world tomahawk-style axes. Regardless of the styles and their histories, I learned last night that I have miles to go before I develop even a modest degree of low-level adequacy in axe-throwing. And I learned that, in all probability, one time was enough for me. My axe-throwing skills last night demonstrated a level of incompetence that might well be used in a training video on how not to hold, throw, or retrieve thrown axes. It was fun, nonetheless. Post-axe-throwing pizza plans were derailed when we called Grateful Head Pizza to inquire about available space; no, we were told, a party of 30 was arriving and there would be no room for our party of nine for a long, long time to come. So, we called Sqzbx Pizza and Brewing, instead. Despite a crowd there, they were able to immediately accommodate our group at a large table. Almost every other table was full and a waiting line formed shortly after our arrival. Last night was Gallery Walk in Hot Springs, so we just got lucky at Sqzbx. Gallery Walk is a monthly event when all the art galleries in downtown Hot Springs are open for viewings and, generally, during which the galleries offer wine and munchies to strolling guests. Restaurants tend to fill to overflowing during Gallery Walk. At any rate, last night was a blast. My IC and I were delighted to have been invited to participate.



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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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