Two Days In

This morning, we commence our second full day in Ajijic. Staying in an AirBnB is a different experience, in many ways,  from staying at my brother’s house. Though the rental is quite nice, it doesn’t begin to match the feeling that I am “home” at my brother’s place. We went to his place yesterday, where my sister-in-law was in the midst of planning for my brother’s eightieth birthday bash; the moment I walked in, a sense of relaxation washed over me; it was an odd but extremely comforting feeling. The reason we are staying in a rental is this: there are more guests than beds. Two other brothers, my nephew and his wife, and another nephew (birthday boy’s son) are taking the guest beds. My brother’s other son is staying with friends. My wife and my sister and I are in the rental. Another crowd, family of my brother’s friend who also is celebrating his eightieth, is being accommodated elsewhere. Quite the logistical challenge; fortunately, my sister-in-law is up to it. Today is the day of the big celebration…and then some rest.

As I discovered during our recent trip to the Balkans, I am not up to a lot of walking, especially on inclines or stairs. That situation, not to mention extremely rough cobblestone streets and crumbling, narrow sidewalks, makes exploring Ajijic a real challenge. I will adapt. My brother and sister-in-law have offered to let me use their car; I might. Our rental has a one car garage. But other matters argue against it. We shall see.

Last night, over a magnificent dinner at a new Cuban/Caribbean restaurant (Sabor Caribe Ajijic, open-air, in a magical setting), I asked my wife whether she would object if I were to find a three month rental in Ajijic and spend time here…just exploring and deciding whether I could adapt to life here. She said she would not, so long as I did not expect her to come along. I told her I would rather she join me, but she is not prepared to do it. So, my dilemma is this: do I explore a possibility that could enchant me and draw me in, knowing I could not pursue the possibility without upending our lives, or do I forgo the possibility and forever wonder what I might have missed?

I have much to mull over. But, then, I always do.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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