We spent last night in Burlington, Iowa. Had we known, we might have hurried to get here several days earlier to experience the Wake ‘n Bake Delicious Dolls’ Drag Brunch. But, no, we got here two days late. The next major event advertised on the Greater Burlington Partnership website, the Jefferson Street Farmers Market, occurs two days hence. We will be long gone by then. Had we been in the mood for gambling, we could have stepped out the front door of our motel and walked next door to the Catfish Bend Casino. But we were in the mood to rest our tired bones, instead, so we stayed in our room, treating it like a cocoon. That was after a trip to Walmart, though, where we bought a cell-phone charger to supplement the one we brought with us. I left another one at the hospital during my last trip to the ER, several weeks ago.  I think I could learn to like Burlington, Iowa if I were to stick around for awhile. The greater Burlington metropolitan area is home to roughly 48,000 people, though Burlington itself has a population of roughly 24,000 in 2020, a decline of about 3,000 from the official figures released in the 2000 census. I have learned this about myself in recent years: I seem to prefer the “vibe” of places that are losing population, rather than places that are growing. I think my affinity for such places relates to my belief that I see potential in those areas; “if I were in charge, I could and would make the changes necessary that would result in the ‘right kind’ of slow growth—expansion that would excise the ugliness and fertilize the beauty, as it were.” Apparently, I hold my fantasies about my capabilities in high regard.

This morning, we will decide where to go today. Perhaps we’ll go to Madison. Or maybe to the Milwaukee area. Or, perhaps, to Spring Green. Or any number of other places in Wisconsin. We’ll know once we’re in the car and well on our way to wherever we’re heading.


Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

~ Confucious ~

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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