Time to Feed the Cold

I spent the day yesterday battling what I thought must be allergies as we went to the races at Oaklawn with our very nice neighbors. This morning, I awoke to discover that I was fighting the wrong battle; I should have been fighting a cold. Apparently, if my symptoms this morning are any indication, it’s too late to start another battle. Instead, it’s time to feed the cold.

So, what exactly does “feed a cold” mean? According to what I’ve read on a few ostensibly reputable websites, it means getting plenty of fluids, such as water or fluids with added electrolytes like Gatorade. And it means “eat if you’re hungry.” Additional recommendations including getting plenty of rest.

A cold is not what I wanted. No, I wanted to feel good about going outside, putting up our hummingbird feeder, and otherwise behaving as if Spring is upon us. Instead, I suspect I’ll cocoon at home and let the birds drink nectar from neighbors’ feeders.

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