Walgreens’ version of DayQuil and NightQuil may or may not be working; it’s hard to tell. If being unable to breathe through the nose, feeling as if my ears are filled with wax, dull headache, and regular fits of coughing and sneezing are signs of progress, then the elixirs are working their magic!

I spent a fair amount of the day yesterday trying, but failing, to get some sleep. Twice, I attempted to ‘nap,’ but I was unable to sleep, at least not well. Instead, I tossed and turned and allowed my mind to wander down odd paths. Last night, I tried again at 10 p.m. I slept some, but was up at 11:30 and again at 2:00 and yet again at 4:15. I finally got up, after drifting off for a while, at 6:15.

I do not have time for this. I have things to be and places to see. I intended, yesterday, to buy hummingbird feeders from the ones that we discarded last season after the birds left for the winter. That did not happen. But at least I did put up our one remaining, working feeder.

Inasmuch as I was not in the mood for cooking, nor was my favorite wife, we veered sharply off the path of eating healthy foods. She picked up take-out Chinese for lunch, then bought a chain pizza and chicken wings for dinner; that’s about as far off course as we could go. Maybe today one of us will feel well enough and sufficiently motivated to prepare a decent meal.

I remember being in the presence of someone who sneezed repeatedly, either at a restaurant or a retail store, I think, within the last several days. At the time, I thought to myself, “that person should not be out in public.” Wherever I was and whoever it was, I blame that person for my cold. Curses!

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