This Week with Swinburn: Episode 2

The meteorologists did not lie last week.  It got downright hot toward the end of the week. Some unwelcome heat (though not breaking 90 degrees) is apt to continue for a day or two, then cool down considerably on Wednesday, with highs in the 70s and lows in the low 60s; that’s my kind of weather.

My efforts to restore the deck will continue this week, though I’m not sure just when.  I must wait until the deck dries completely from last night’s soaking rain before I continue sanding the beast.  Before I apply the dark brown deck paint to the walking surface, I will paint the railings using the same dark brown color with a band of very light, almost yellow-white for an accent.  I have yet to rebuild the steps that require replacement; my removal of the large storage boxes from in front of the screened porch requires that work be done.

Aside from deck restoration, I’ll also work on tooth restoration…actually, just a deep cleaning…this week; it’s a Thursday afternoon unpleasantness I will just have to endure.  And we’ll end the ‘work-week’ with a little gathering at a neighbor’s house in our honor…a ‘meet-the-neighbor’ gathering after three months in the house.  And then, on Saturday, dinner with some other folks, probably steaks on their grill.

And that’s what the week is shaping up to look like.  With some self-discipline, I may write and exercise a bit, when the mood and motivation strikes.



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