The Last Raindrop

The man who writes posts for this blog is temporarily on strike. We have been reassured that the blog’s web host is in talks with strikebreakers at this very moment. While that occurs, though, the “muscles” for both sides are making preparations for an epic battle. This could have avoided…

The very last rain shower lasted less than two minutes. When it was over, the sky above was clear. No clouds. No sign that, just moments before, the air above us had carried sufficient moisture to spawn a tiny bit of rain. We knew it was bound to happen someplace. We were delighted it had happened there, where we were, of course. But watching those last drops fall launched a feeling of dejection in all of us. No matter how much we tried to keep our chins up, we felt nothing as acutely as we felt despair. Because there would be no more rain. Ever. We were witness to the last remaining water, at least that not kept in sealed containers. The final vestige of the final epoch of life on Earth. And we would be the last ones to experience that life. Within days, we would wither. Dehydration would take us. We would die by the dry desert wind.

The preceding paragraph was brought to you by Stegerman’s Instant Isolation (TM) Black Tea, “We brew loneliness in every cup. We wring despair out of every drop.”

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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