Tangled Nerves and Cold Weather

My stenosis and bone spurs reared their ugly heads again a few days ago, causing my tangled nerves to react with pain in my arms, shoulder, and right shoulder blade. I had stopped taking my "nerve pain" medications, which was probably a mistake. And I hadn’t been getting the physical therapy I should have been getting, at least not as much a I should have. So the blame falls squarely on my very painful shoulders. It is getting better, though. I’d prefer a few shots of morphine to speed things up, but the government thinks free access to morphine would be problematic.

We had planned to go to Tulsa the other day, but I couldn’t see myself driving (or being a passenger, sitting in one spot) for four or five hours. Seems to me the pain is greater when I’m sitting in a car. I wonder how much of it is psychological?

The cold weather, coupled with the aberrant pain, is exaggerating my suffering, too. Every one of my joints complain about arthritis. I understand what they are saying; they are expressing their dissatisfaction with the way I’ve treated my body all these years. I can’t argue with them. My arthritis seems to get a new lease on life every time temperatures drop below forty degrees.

And if I didn’t have enough to complain about, I took my car in to have the "check engine" light checked, only to find the car needs $1000+ to address problems with the vacuum hoses (pretty much all of them) plus a valve and rust on the gas filler tube (the thing the gas cap screws onto). The car is fifteen years old and generally in very good condition, so $1,000 is not too much to spend on it, I guess. But after just spending $6,000 on getting the house painted and a couple of grand or so dealing with my nerves, that hit a sore spot. They gave me a loaner car, while the work is don, a "small" pickup that seems to me as big as a tank.

I could complain about the snow, but we didn’t get any. I understand Houston, Corpus Christi and perhaps points sound in Texas got a bit of the white stuff. I’m happy to keep it away from here, along with its cousin, black ice or sleet or any other frozen precipitation.

Tonight will see temperatures drop into the upper twenties, but tomorrow we’ll reach sixty and tomorrow night will edge to just below forty.

Tomorrow, a guy is coming to give me a quote on removing a large, badly sick tree. Tuesday, the fireplace checkup guy will be here. In between, provided my neck/ shoulder/arms can take it, I need to rake enormous volumes of leaves, Some days, and this is one of them, I wish I lived in an apartment where all the maintenance was handled by management. Or in Mexico. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

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