Step Four

This post is the final one in a half-hearted attempt to accomplish a goal that’s neither simple to articulate nor easy to abandon. Having not attained a foothold toward achieving the elusive goal, I’m discarding my efforts to chase it, at least by way of a series of simplistic posts. Instead, I’ll incorporate that hard-to-define goal into my normal posts, by which I mean in the stream of my consciousness. If the reader is having difficulty understanding what I’m saying…welcome to the world of this writer.

Writing has been, for me, a form of meditation. Writing allows me to escape the world outside myself and to examine with clarity the life within. That’s not always pleasant. The life within can be tumultuous and uncomfortable; it can be upsetting and disconcerting. Despite the sometimes unsettling rough ride I take through writing, though, I find in in an opportunity to explore aspects of my intellect and my emotions that don’t reveal themselves otherwise. I’ve attempted, from time to time, to use writing as a guide for myself, something of a prod for me to achieve resolutions that otherwise probably would not get the attention they might deserve. Those attempts, though, usually fall short. I’ve come to the malleable conclusion that simplistic, cookie-cutter solutions to problems that cannot be described in the absence of a ten-thousand word dissertation are fruitless. So, I’ll continue the uphill battle of cleansing the detritus from my brain in the usual fashion; writing when it feels right, thinking in the absence of a keyboard or a pen when it doesn’t.

So, step four is mopping up the first three steps of this series, replacing it with something less formulaic and far more realistic.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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