My post last night, in which I complained about not having speech-to-text software, led me to do a search this morning. Sure enough, I found free speech to text software online at https://speechnotes.co. I am surprised that it is reasonably accurate, though it does require me to go back in and make changes and corrections.

I remember dictating letters on my first “executive” job. I spoke into a microphone, recording my voice. I feel like I’m doing exactly the same thing now, inserting punctuation with my voice. My secretary transcribed what I spoke. I knew how to type; but I had no typewriter in my office. Instead of buying me a typewriter, my employer paid a secretary. To be fair, she did far more than type my correspondence. But it seems odd, today, that a person would be employed to transcribe the words of another, a person who is perfectly capable of typing for himself.

I hope I’m able to continue doing this with my real writing. That might make it easier for me to get to the point of having a book. Although I think I think better through my fingers then through my mouth. We’ll see. Now I will copy this and make the corrections necessary and post it. We’ll see how that works.

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