Spectacular Beauty

When I awoke for awhile around 3:00 a.m., the idea that people sometimes might be able to sense things going on in others’ lives—even at great distance—came to mind.  You know the concept: a mother senses something is wrong with her daughter, who has just been in an automobile accident in a distant town; or a man suddenly feels an inexplicable sense of elation at the same moment that his wife’s doctor confirms her pregnancy; or a woman is   overcome with a sensation of sadness and concern for a friend in another country and the woman later learns that her friend lost his job at the same time as those sensations swept over her.  I’ve always doubted the reality of such claims. I’ve always accepted the idea that such cases of apparent extrasensory perception can be explained in a way similar to the way some psychologists have explained déjà vu: that is is an illusion brought about by artifacts of recognition memory in which recollection and familiarity become interwoven in some way. Recollection meshes with familiarity to create a sense that “I’ve been in exactly this situation before,” even though that might be impossible.

But, increasingly, I am allowing myself to be open to the possibility that experiences and/or thoughts may be transmissible in the same way that light speeds through space. If radio waves can flood the “airwaves” over incredible distances, why can’t “thoughtwaves” do the same? The fact that science has not yet been able to detect or measure such phenomena does not prove that it does not exist. In fact, science never disproves anything—no more than it proves anything. Science simply presents factual evidence and tests theories against that evidence. I admit to doubting, with a degree of certainty that science would say is unjustified, that there is anything to extrasensory perception. Yet I’m increasingly open to the possibility. Can someone “read” my thoughts at this very moment? Perhaps I’ll find out.


I went back to sleep, finally waking for the day at a few minutes past 5:00. When I attempted to make coffee, I discovered that my coffee-making device, easily ten or twelve years old, may be reaching the end of its service life. I was able to get a cup of coffee, but only after coaxing the beast to cooperate with me. For several mornings now, the machine has given me signs of its intent to go on permanent strike. Perhaps I’ll take action today to replace it.

Tobacco, coffee, alcohol, hashish, prussic acid, strychnine, are weak dilutions. The surest poison is time.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson ~

Coffee helps me maintain my “never killed anyone streak”
~ Anonymous ~


My brother, the one who before Christmas was first was hospitalized and then transferred to skilled nursing, apparently is growing worse by the hour. I have tried to talk with him by phone within the last couple of weeks, but either have been unable to reach him or his voice has been so weak he could not talk. Being distant from a loved one who is gravely ill is difficult. Being unable to communicate with him is difficult. And it is tough to be unable to otherwise help him and those closer in distance to him. Fortunately, my (and his) niece is nearby and has been looking out after him to the best of her ability and at great personal sacrifice. We (as in the members of our society who permit it) should be ashamed of our failure to ensure more compassionate care of people as they come to the end of their lives. Bureaucracy and hard, cold capitalism should not displace human decency. But they do.


The new lighting and fans were installed in the new house yesterday. They make an enormously positive difference. When we finish painting, complete the flooring, and take care of issues like gaps in door casings and generally cleaning the place up, it will be excellent.


The sky this morning was the most spectacular sky I have ever seen anywhere! I took a few photos of this morning’s glorious sunrise, but for some reason I cannot get the photos uploaded to this post.  Though the photos do not begin to do justice to the beauty of this morning’s sky, they offer at least a hint of the unparalleled beauty of the sky here today. If I can, I will post a photo or two later. Rarely does a scene overcome me with awe in the way this morning’s sky has done.  Maybe never. I cannot describe how overwhelmingly, spectacularly, incredibly beautiful the sky was this morning. Viewing it was an experience unlike any I’ve ever had. Akin to a religious experience, perhaps.


I’m ready for breakfast. Off I go.


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