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One of my blog posts found its way into the February issue of The Springs Magazine. The publisher, JoAnn Mangione, who occasionally follows this blog, asked if she could include one of my posts in her magazine. Naturally, I was honored and delighted at the compliment. My little contribution is on page 8 of the February issue. My little piece represents a tiny sliver of the magazine. The magazine deserves a cover-to-cover read. If you’re interested in the arts and entertainment in and around Hot Springs, Arkansas, it is your best source of information.


Except for recommendations we got to the contrary, we had planned to drive to central California within the past few days for a birthday surprise. We had hoped to see my sister during the trip. As life unfolded, though, delaying the trip was probably the best decision. But I’m anxious to make that trip before too many months have passed. As soon as we have comfortably completed our new house and sold this one, I want to hit the road for a bit. I say that a lot, don’t I? Well, yes I do. Because a long, meandering road trip has been on my mind for years. Almost as long as my longing for an orange Kubota tractor and a place to put it to use. I’ve about given up on my dream of working a piece of rural land; I’m too old and too sedentary these days. But I can drive. And I can get lost in awe as I encounter new topography and new horizons and awe-inspiring geology and vegetation and vistas that bring me almost to tears.

I will promise myself this: no later than June 1 this year, I will embark on a road trip; one long enough to satisfy my wanderlust for at least a while. It may be just two or three days long or three or four weeks long. And I don’t plan to do it alone. Whatever it is, I will do it so I can recover what’s left of my sanity. I keep telling myself there’s never a guarantee of tomorrow, yet I keep putting things off until “tomorrow.” That has to stop.


I do not know whether road conditions will allow me to meet my floor guy this morning. I suppose time will tell.


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6 Responses to Slipping into the Day

  1. Todd, I appreciate your generous comments. Thanks very much!

  2. Thanks, Mick, for both the congratulations and the suggestion as to route. I will plan on taking Hwy 50. We had been planning on taking either I-40 or dropping down and taking I-10, but I love the idea of taking 50. In fact, the idea of taking 50 from coast-to-coast is really appealing to me! I appreciate the tip. After reading a bit about your trips and seeing some of the photos you’ve taken, I think following your advice makes very good sense…I think we share similar sensibilities with regard to road trips.

  3. Todd says:

    I remember thinking that the published piece read more like poetry than prose. I enjoyed it then and upon this second reading. Thanks.

  4. Mick says:

    Congrats, you are now a published author! May I suggest, that either going to or returning from CA, you take Hwy 50. The scenery is varied and unique including 2 lesser seen National Parks from mountains to desert. Also, from our experience a few years back, ‘The Loneliest Road’ in Nevada is appropriately named.

  5. Thanks, Deanna.

  6. Deanna says:

    Congrats on your published piece!

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