Sleepless in Houston

The first three hours of the night went well. I went to bed quite early, around 9:30, and slept soundly until 12:30. During the next two hours, I slept in fits and starts. After 2:30, I may have slept an hour or more in very short segments. My back hurt and I couldn’t get comfortable. I daydreamed, then slipped into a dream once or twice between being wide-awake. The off and on sleep slivers stopped around 4:15. From that point on, I was awake. But I didn’t want to get up for fear of waking my brother down the hall, so I stayed in bed, where the pain in my back got progressively worse. Finally, just after six, I heard my niece in the kitchen, making muffins to take to her school; she had offered to help the principal feed the hungry masses of teachers by making banana muffins, so she was hard at it early.

Today will be a challenge, trying to extract information and recommendations from the medical community. We need to know how to encourage a post-surgery patient to eat. We need to know whether he should restart his diabetes medication. We need to know how to tell if a surgery wound may be becoming infected. We need to ask about post-surgical incontinence and whether it’s natural and, whether it is or not, how to address it. So many questions.

The high temperature today is expected to reach 96 in Houston. There should  be a law.

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