Single Finger Thinking

Geek Squad called. They can fix my computer so I can use Microsoft Office 365, but the fix won’t last: “Your hard drive is failing.” So, I asked them to replace it. No charge for labor and only $54 for parts. Much better than the cost of a new notebook. But, I may still get a new one, sooner or later, to satisfy my need for instant gratification in case of another failure.

Before my conversation with the geeks, I called my brother in Mexico. Mine was a very late return call. I visited with him for a bit and spoke to my sister, who has been visiting them for a few days. She had been in San Miguel de Allende at a writers’ conference and decided to take a bus to Ajijic for a short visit. Though the conversations were short and I was feeling tired, I’m glad I made the call. My sister suggested I think about making a trip to Mexico in the summer and again in the fall, the latter in connection with my brother’s “big” birthday. I’ll think about that. I hope my other “big” trip doesn’t conflict. I checked. It doesn’t. But I’ll have to explore practicalities.

I’m feeling much better than I did this morning, but still on the low side of only moderately decent. I hope I continue to improve. One-fingered typing is unpleasant. So I will stop.


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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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