Sell Now or No?

One of the real estate agents we talked to recently is telling us we really need to get our house on the market before the “pre-school-year-buying-frenzy” ends sometime around mid-July.  And he says the market has heated up considerably in the last few weeks.  He says we could get considerably more for our house now than we could have gotten just a month or two ago.  But we need to act, he says.

So, we’re debating whether to go into high gear to sell the place sooner than we’d planned.  If we try to sell much sooner, high gear is where I need to be.  Stuff I should have done years ago much be done NOW.  Fix-its.  Paint-its. Clean-its.  Stuff that would have made us more comfortable living here had I done it earlier.

Another issue in the mix: what to do if we sell immediately?  My wife thinks maybe we should rent someplace locally until we decide where to go.  I think we should go out west and look around, and soon, to see where we want to go.  Decisions, decisions.

We meet said agent again this afternoon.  The saga will continue.

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3 Responses to Sell Now or No?

  1. druxha says:

    Yes, it certainly sounds that way, John! Somehow I get the feeling you’re ready for the big change, too. Please keep updating as the “big switch-a-roo” unfolds! 🙂

  2. Thanks, Trish. I think we’ve made a decision…maybe. We’ll see. Big changes coming, methinks.

  3. druxha says:

    Between a rock and a hard place….best of luck whatever you two decide to do, John! 🙂

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