Good Day

So, Tuesday the real estate photographer comes to visit.  And we sign the papers to engage the real estate agent.  And we continue to prepare…to get the house ready…to sell.

The idea is that the agent will not put the house on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) right away but, first, will invite select clients who might be interested to take a look.  This will happen while he’s planning for an open house, during which time our house will be poured over by neighbors who we’ve never invited to visit before.

Between now and Tuesday afternoon’s photography session, we’re scrambling to get rid of books, boxes, and bookcases…to give the house a more open, airy feel.  It’s a task.  A big task.  We collect books.  And my wife collects “important papers.”  Arrggh!

I took six boxes of books and magazines to Half Price Books this morning and left with $43 more in my pocket and six empty book boxes.  There’s more.

That was today.

Yesterday, I smoked a wonderful brisket.  And we had two couples join us for dinner and conversation.  They brought pico de gallo and beer.  Lots of beer.  Beer in growlers.  Heavy, dark, motor-oil-appearing beer.  And some lighter stuff.  And some other goodies.  And I grilled okra.  And I heated some pork ribs I’d smoked a few weeks earlier and had frozen in wait for today’s shindig.  And I grilled some venison/cheese sausages one of my friends brought over to make sure we had enough meat to induce a meat coma.

It was a great day!  But then came this morning and the box packing.  And book sorting.  And paper recycling. And overwhelming sense of chaos that accompanies one’s transition from home owner with too much stuff to potential home seller with not as much stuff.

Soon, if we sell, we’ll have an estate sale.  And it will be a BIG sale!  Send your money now to get in on the good stuff!

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