Searing Focus

You wake up one morning, still a little sleepy but ready to tackle the day before you. After a cup of coffee, you choose the clothes you will wear. You get dressed and prepare to leave the house on your first errand of the day, a trip to the hardware store to buy a replacement for a worn exterior door knob. The knob works, but you want a lockset with a lever instead of a knob. Just before you get to the door into the garage, you decide to take one last look at the worn knob; not because you need to, but because you have an odd feeling about it. You suddenly feel guilty about planning to discard the knob for a lever. Ach! You brush away the feeling, go to your car, and make the trip to the hardware store.

The door hardware aisle is densely packed with options of all kind. You study all the options long and hard and select a brushed nickel set with levers on both sides; no round knobs. But when you set your choice of lockset on the counter, an image of the old worn doorknob pops up in your head.


About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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