Repackaged Memories

Once again, I came across an article on Facebook about cannibal sandwiches. But it wasn’t another article. It was the same article, repackaged for distribution by NPR through Facebook on Saturday, June 22, 2019. Facebook claims the link to the original post was published four hours ago, but it already had 994 comments by the time I came across it about 4:30 this morning. The link goes to the article I first saw in March; it was dated March 29. I won’t go into any detail, as I wrote about it on March 30.

I wonder why NPR decided to repackage three-month-old information? Could it be that the organization has run out of general interest stories? I don’t know. But it just seems odd to me that, after such a short time, the piece would appear again. Yet I don’t know that it’s appearing on Facebook again. Maybe it’s the first time. Maybe, when I came across the article three months ago, I didn’t find it on Facebook.  My blog post doesn’t say; it just says I came upon it on Wisconsin Public Radio’s website. So, perhaps I didn’t come upon it on Facebook. Maybe, instead, today’s NPR post actually new.

I wonder how much other information I come across as I skim the web is not new information but, instead, is simply repackaged old information. If the article this morning had been a few months older, perhaps I would not have remembered having written about it so recently. I know some of my posts here are essentially repeats of something I thought about and wrote about earlier, unintentionally repackaged ruminations that I didn’t recall having. Or, that I vaguely recalled having but could not find the original, so I thought my “memory” of having written about them earlier was false.

This post is probably one of the least interesting and most useless ones I’ve written. So I’ll stop writing it.

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