Pi Day and More Trivia

Pi_DayYes, today is a once in a century event. It’s Pi Day.  Most years, it’s just 3-14.  But today it’s even better.  It’s 3-14-15, which won’t happen again for one hundred years.  And today is Albert Einstein’s birthday; he was born March 14, 1879. So, celebrate today!  Have a piece of pi to boost your energy.


Last night’s Trivia Night was fun, though the promise to “have you on your way home by 8:00 pm” was missed by almost two hours. I was utterly clueless about the majority of the questions. Fortunately, one of the people sitting at our table was the fount of knowledge of almost everything trivial. She knew more about old movies and television series than anyone I’ve ever met. I, on the other hand, knew only a few of the answers. Or, I thought I knew, but wasn’t willing to commit. In one case, I suggested the answer to the question about who is a movie director and jazz clarinet player who plays at New Orleans funerals: Woody Allen. No one else knew the answer, but they guessed someone else. If they had used my answer, we would have gotten points. The other was the first song sung in space; I suggested Happy Birthday (which is correct), but they went with Silent Night (but I deferred to that answer because I was not sure about Happy Birthday). Our team was a pretty high scorer, but did not win. It was a good time, nonetheless. And my arroz con pollo was well-received.

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  1. Pi are square. No pie is round…

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