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Attractive Definitions

A dictionary’s second definition of metaphysics is the one that pleases me most: Philosophy, especially in its more abstruse branches. The corresponding definition of the primary adjectival form, metaphysical, pleases me just as much: Concerned with abstract thought or subjects, as … Continue reading

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Coincidence. That’s what it was. It wasn’t a sign, a divine guidepost. It was no marker signaling the completion of the first third of a journey. It was just a coincidence. Happenstance. An artificial contrivance born of the juxtaposition of … Continue reading

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Letters and Numbers

What gives me reason to think I can stitch together a small sample of all the available words in the English language to create something new? Any word I might choose to use has been used before, very probably in concert … Continue reading

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Physicsal Education

There is something to physics, after all. It’s not just a mystical web of mathematical equations used to describe the nature of matter and energy and the interaction between them. It’s actually an elegant framework for understanding the universe and … Continue reading

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Pi Day and More Trivia

Yes, today is a once in a century event. It’s Pi Day.  Most years, it’s just 3-14.  But today it’s even better.  It’s 3-14-15, which won’t happen again for one hundred years.  And today is Albert Einstein’s birthday; he was … Continue reading

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“Take this longing from my tongue…”

I learned, quite by accident, that the human tongue is a muscular hydrostat.  A muscular hydrostat is a biological structure (consisting primarily of muscles with no skeletal support structure) in animals used to manipulate objects or for locomotion of its host.  Other muscular hydrostats … Continue reading

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