My sister-in-law treated me to a salon pedicure and she treated my wife to a salon foot massage while we were in Ajijic. I have become a fan of pedicures. My toenails are as short and well-groomed as they’ve ever been. The rough callouses on my feet are softer and less well-defined. My feet feel attractive! (I know they’re not, but they feel that way.)

I’ve always wondered about the allure of pedicures. What, I wondered, could make a woman (in my experience, discussions about pedicures and their value have been conducted by women) spend good money on foot and toe “work?” I know now. My pedicuriosity has been satisfied. Perhaps “satisfied” is not the correct word. Perhaps “triggered” or “sparked” or “launched” would more accurately describe the situation. The pedicure experience, alone, is enough to warrant reasonably frequent return trips to Ajijic.

If you want to know the name of a place where they give good pedicures, it’s Christine’s Hair Salon in Ajijic. According to their Facebook page, a pedicure is 250 pesos, or about $13. With a generous tip of, say, $3 (about 60 pesos), you’ve gotten a nice pedicure for only $16 US. From what I’ve been able to gather online, you’d pay at least $50 for a pedicure in Little Rock and frequently considerably more.

Okay, next I will polish up a post I wrote about a film I viewed on the flight to DFW from Guadalajara. And maybe I’ll just post it. Two posts in one day. Just like the old days.


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