On the Trail

Here are a few photos from our hike today at Petit Jean State Park. Mi esposa bonita y mi cuñadaa hermosa and I did a bit of wandering around.  Only about 2 miles in total, I’d guess, but it was some spectacular scenery (and lots of climbing). My brothers in Mexico called me mid-hike (actually, toward the end), but the connection got lost almost immediately.  That seems to be  my experience with calls between the U.S. and Mexico, more often than not.

Underneath the black sweatshirt I had on today, I was wearing a red t-shirt.  I discovered later, after our adventures, that red is an unnatural color for me, making me look like a dope with a sunburn. I suppose my wish for being more attractive in any color is wasted wishery.

Anyway, here are a few snapshots.  I haven’t posted photos in ages.  Probably because I’m not a good photographer.  At least I got one good photo of my wife.  I’ll save that for myself.

P1000325 P1000332 P1000305 P1000309 P1000270 P1000267 P1000282 P1000262 P1000249 P1000250 P1000246 P1000242 P1000308


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