Accidental Eavesdropping

There’s a restaurant in Dallas—actually in the city limits of Plano, I think—with an odd characteristic.  I think it’s the ceiling that allows conversations at each of two specific tables across the room from one another to be heard at the other table.  Even whispers at one table resonate clearly at the other.  My wife and I experienced this more than once.  It was eerie, as if we were listening in on someone’s private conversation.  Which, in fact, we were.  But they heard ours, as well. We faced a choice.  We could either have them arrested for felony eavesdropping or we could drop the matter. There were other options, of course. We made a choice. And it stands. We chose to remember the experience.  I chose to write about it. I suppose I should divulge the name of the restaurant.  It’s Luna de Noche, on Preston Road. The tortilla soup is exceptional.  The complimentary roasted pepper salsa is excellent. The ceiling looks like a starry night sky.  And it acts like a listening device.

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  1. Teresa says:

    Like in Grand Central Station, the corners. 😉

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