On the Lake

Yesterday afternoon, our neighbors took us out for a boat ride on Lake Balboa. Their small catamaran party barge accommodates four people quite well and could, I imagine, hold up to eight comfortably. Yesterday, though, it was just the four of us. We skirted the shoreline, floating into dozens of coves, peering at large lakeside homes. Many, probably most, of the houses have large decks and/or big verandas that must have superb views of the lake and the lakeshore. Their views, though, could not be better than our view from the water.

We took our time wandering around the lake, putting in at about 2:00 p.m. and docking again around 5:00. I used sun block on my forehead and neck, but didn’t bother putting any on my arms and upper thighs, the two areas most often in the sun’s rays. Today, I have slightly red lower arms and decidedly red upper thighs. Just the front of my leg, above my knees. I suspect I’ll peel before long.

After the boat ride, which was made better with the bottle of sangria our friends brought along and the watermelon cubes we provided, we opted for an early dinner at Home Plate. All of us ordered prime rib with various sides. Nice way to cap off a delightful afternoon!

I could have spent the day prepping our deck for paint, but the last few days of doing that convinced me I needed to kick back and heal my sore muscles. It was the right thing to do.

I wish we could reciprocate our neighbors’ hospitality in some fashion. I suspect we’ll find a way. We must. It’s only right.

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