The ice storm we are facing today began last night, shortly before nightfall.  Forecasts call for issue with ice to continue for a while yet, though the sleet and freezing rain apparently are behind us.  But the slightly rising temperatures that melted some of the ice on the roads, and the sunlight amplified by reflecting ice that melted some of the ice on the trees, have disappeared.  We can expect temperatures tonight near 18 degrees.  The weight of ice on the tree limbs will not improve.  The thousands of cracked and broken and shattered limbs that litter the street and yards and rooftops will stay where they are; the weight of ice on limbs and branches that remain attached to trees my have weakened the wood enough so that there is more damage.

We are in danger of losing a huge tree in front and several large limbs of the large oak next to the house are bending dangerously close to the roof.  Some limbs are in danger of collapse, some are simply weighing down the roof.

This is natural stuff.  Nothing abnormal.  But the results are not natural; they will require sawing and cutting and disposal.   If limbs crash into the roof, shingles and, perhaps, sheathing will require repair.

Dammit.  Dammit.  Dammit. I did not want to deal with this stuff.  Particularly when my sister-in-law is visiting; she’s leaving Tuesday.  We’re effectively house bound for a good part of her visit.  Dammit.

I can’t complain about nature. Not really.  But I can be annoyed with nature.



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  1. I think. I write. I wish. I wander. says:

    Juan, I’m willing to experiment with almost everything in Moody’s book except suicide! I’m convinced kids are not brave; they are just unaware and fundamentally stupid…ignorant if you want to be polite. They don’t truly understand reality. I remember when I was stupid; I don’t think I’m quite as stupid now, despite behaviors that might suggest otherwise!

  2. Juan says:

    Your description reminds me of Moody’s book “The Ice Storm,” where the critics write,”a winter storm bears down on an exclusive, affluent suburb in Connecticut, cark skid out of control, men and women swap partners, and their children experiment with sex, drugs, and even suicide.”

    It’s amazing how life changes when we are presented with a completely outrageous situation.

    I am recalling my years in Maine, and how a South Texan suffered through his first snow — frozen streets, cars sliding to and fro like some comedic television program. I learned to turn right to go left, and I remember one night I would simply jump over a snow drift, then discovering that I had stupidly jumped right into the middle of one, then had to find a way out! A snow drift can be deep, and I was literally swimming in snow — freezing — and for a moment I thought “this is the way I will die?” What a comedy of errors!

    I remember getting loaded with friends, drinking slow-gin, driving our car on a Maine frozen lake as fast as we could — then slamming the brakes….the car going round and round, sliding this way and that … and without the faintest care from any of us that there could be a weak spot on the frozen lake.

    Such is youth — that we will gladly throw ourselves into the void without a care!

    I love your line, that “[t]his is natural stuff. Nothing abnormal. But the results are not natural.”

    That says it all!

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