My Schizophrenic Electoral Attitude

It occurred to me that I posted something a couple of days ago that suggested I voted for Biden. I didn’t. I voted for Warren. But I had concluded by the time I wrote the post that a centrist like Biden was the most likely candidate to beat Trump. And, earlier, I had decided to vote for Biden, though I kept changing my mind: Biden, Warren, Buttigieg, Sanders, Warren, Biden, Buttigieg, Warren…it was almost schizophrenic. But on the way to cast our ballots, my wife and I discussed who we were voting for. Neither of us were certain, even then, as we drove to vote. That was the first time I have ever been unsure of who would receive my vote by the time I headed to the polls. I supported Hillary Clinton in 2008 until Obama got the nod, but I didn’t decide on her until relatively close to decision time. But I knew she would get my support by the time I had to declare. This time, though, I was all over the map.

Initially, I was strongly supportive of Bernie Sanders. That support eroded as I considered how certain he seemed that he would implement plans that were absolutely pie-in-the-sky impossibilities in today’s political climate. But I liked Elizabeth Warren; her philosophies are close to Sanders’ but her plans seem more achievable. And I think we need a woman in the White House. I still think she would be the best candidate, though I am not sure whether she would fare well against Trump, considering how many “Bernie or bust” people might sit out the election. Ultimately, in the Arkansas primaries, I felt certain my vote would not count. I could have voted for Pete or Gabbard or Bloomberg or a cocker spaniel; it would not have mattered.

So I voted for Warren. But Biden won the Arkansas primary, as I felt sure he would. Now that he’s favored to get the nomination, I will support him. And I do think he might be the only one with a good chance to beat Trump, though the Bernie or bust people may abandon him, too. I don’t know. Ach!

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