Message to Myself for the Day (that I share with whoever happens by)

I woke up much later than normal this morning, just shy of 6:00 a.m., leaving me precious little free time to engage in my normal morning routines (at least in their normal order). One of the first orders of business was to put some bacon in a skillet on the stove and let it begin to fry, ever so slowly. While it was releasing an enormous volume of fat, I finished cleaning last night’s dishes after putting away the ones that had been drying overnight on the rack next to the sink. With a clear counter, I could then prepare the other ingredients for breakfast: sliced tomatoes, thinly-sliced jalapeños, and slivers of purple onion. All of those things, and more, would go between two pieces of toast, making a BLT without the L and with the addition of O. Had I added the L, I might have made a BOLJT for breakfast. Alas, it was only a BOJT. Regardless of the absence of lettuce, it was delightful.

After breakfast, which was enough to serve as lunch, too, I went to church to record the video introduction of the Insight speaker whose talk will be broadcast on the church website Sunday. That’s my new job with the church: Insight host. Every two weeks, I’ll be recorded introducing the speaker. Eventually, if we ever get back to in-person services, I’ll be doing it “live.” Today, my voice was a bit scratchy, as I am still recovering from anesthesia administered Monday morning in part through a breathing tube. More on the outcome of that procedure in a minute.

I had planned to stay at church and wander around while computers were being refurbished (more on that, too), but those plans changed. I’m heading in to Hot Springs with my wife shortly, so she can run errands. She claims she does not need me to go along, but her leg weakness and her extreme difficulty making it up and down even low steps convinces me otherwise.

I will return before 2:30, when I will go to the church to meet with a guy who will help me learn the first steps of refurbishing donated computers that, ultimately, will find their way to kids who need them but cannot afford to buy new computers. It’s the other, later, steps I was planning to watch earlier in the day.

The procedure I underwent on Monday, known in medical terms as a cystoscopy and bladder biopsy, was uneventful. I got a call Tuesday morning from the doctor’s nurse, telling me the results were negative: no cancer. Whee! That made me happy. Then, this morning, I received an automated message about a lab update, so I went online to view it. That result said I was diagnosed with chronic cystitis. Not a terrible thing, but I was surprised the nurse did not mention it. Oh, well. The symptoms are not awful. At least they haven’t been.

My wife is ready to go to Hot Springs. So, this constitutes my message to myself for the day.


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