March 1: Thoughts for the Day

The first day of March augurs change.  The winter season is ending, of course, but another season is ending, as well.  A seventeen-year season of living in north Dallas in a home too big for two average people, but just right for two people who value and need their private space, their private time.  Yes, we’ve lived here seventeen years, longer than we’ve lived in any other one place. We’ve made our mark on our home and we’ve really come to love its open space and all its windows, letting in so much light when light is what we need.

With all we like about the house, it’s not what we want now.  Now, we want to be in a different place, doing different things, living a different experience.  So we’re preparing to leave.

The buyers of our house have arranged for the home inspection for today.  I didn’t know home inspections were conducted on Saturdays; learn something new every day.  The sale-purchase process has a strange life all its own, I suppose.  I look forward to getting it behind us so we can move on to new things. I like knowing we’ll have more freedom, at least in the short-term, in not having a house.  But we’ll have selected a place to be and a place to live by the time the closing takes place, won’t we?  Or maybe we’ll just put our furniture in storage and hit the road for a while. Today, I don’t know just what we’ll do the week after closing.  But I look forward to it.  And to the months and years thereafter.

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"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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2 Responses to March 1: Thoughts for the Day

  1. juan says:

    Looks like you’re on the road, “Old Horse.”

    You did it! Wow! You all did it! I’m impressed, and with such a short sale, too!

    But I was lucky that way too. In the both homes I have sold, they came down within two weeks. If your home is admirable, then it needs to be bought.

    Good to know that someone really loved your home!

    Okay, so now from the precipice you all have to leap! You will soon be kicked out of your home, though you will have bags of gold for your leaping.

    Gold! Gold! Now you have gold in your account! Precious ducats! LOL!

    Oh My! What will we do with so many bags of gold? Will we go to Arkansas … or maybe Florida?

  2. Clay says:

    So inspection today! Wow, things are rushing forward for you guys. I don’t envy you the rush of getting everything into storage and hitting the road in a weeks’ time. But congratulations on the quick sale. Is tomorrow’s open house still in the offing.

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