Lima Struck was sixteen years old when her parents died in a fire she set. She claimed she did not aim to kill them, only to force them to find a new home more suited to her tastes. The fact that an accelerent, kerosene, was found around every point of ingress and egress around her parents’ bedroom suggested otherwise, but the district attorney chose not to press charges.

“She’s just a child,” he said on the steps of the courthouse after his decision was announced. “I’m not going to drag a child through that kind of trauma after she lost her parents in such a horrific way.”

Six months later, the district attorney committed suicide after photos showing him engaged in sex with Lima surfaced on the internet. By that time, though, Lima had left Scotch Bonnet, Nebraska for the greener pastures of Mopia, Vermont. She caught a ride with a trucker all the way to Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, then hitched short rides from town to town all the way to Mopia. It took her four days and seven blow-jobs to get there.

All right: tell me what grabbed you or turned you away from this. And if you have ideas about how it might move forward, tell me. I will reward respondents with copious appreciation and, if I’m in the right mood, a glass of wine or a fine Ethiopian snack.

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