Late Start

I got up about 7, extremely late for me. When I awoke around 4, I felt like I was ready to get up for the day, but my back bothered me a bit, so I decided to try to sleep some more. And I did. But when I finally got up, the slight ache had morphed into a more painful one and it had spread from my lower back to my entire torso. That’s the penalty for oversleeping. I’ll spend the rest of the day trying to undo the damage done by three hours of unnecessary rest.

Today’s calendar is empty, from the standpoint of formal appointments. But we plan to go to Hot Springs to shop for various things at Lowes’s and Sam’s and who knows where else. Among them:

  • a ceiling fan and light fixture for the master bedroom;
  • a replacement mailbox mount (and possibly and new mailbox);
  • a mailbox post;
  • a bag of concrete mix;
  • bathroom faucets (3);
  • a deck storage box;
  • etc.

The consortium of mailbox paraphernalia was an add-on from yesterday afternoon, when we noticed the mailbox on the ground a few feet from the post. Apparently, the post had been hit, hard, breaking the plastic mount that held the box to the post and loosening the post from its concrete moorings. I repaired it temporarily, but a new mount will be required. A new post and box, though not crucial, would be a wise investment. I assume an automobile/truck slammed into the post, doing the damage. Such is life in semi-rural Arkansas.

The rest of the stuff has been on my mind since I was years younger; I’m just now finally getting around to doing more than thinking about it. It helps to have someone providing encouragement. Some would call it nagging. But I never would label such positive encouragement with such a derogatory epithet.

Moments ago, my IC suggested we go out for breakfast. I am in favor of that, though I’d rather go to a nearby First Watch, if there were one close by, than to any of the local available options with which I am familiar. In an ideal world (I know, I write about that wished-for universe too often), we could select from Indian or Mexican or Chinese or Ethiopian or Thai or Iraqi breakfast spots. Instead, though, we have only a few more or less tolerable places that open early enough to qualify as breakfast places. To be clear, any restaurant that claims to serve breakfast should open early enough to feed farmers by 5:30 a.m. Dammit! Any later and the place has to admit to being more of a brunch place. And many places that serve what I consider brunch don’t serve appropriate liquid brunch accompaniments. Which is an affront to both breakfastry and brunchery. I’ve heard it said that a brunch without booze is just a sad, late breakfast. And it’s true. I’m not after booze early in the mornings, though. I just want breakfast served at civilized hours; early, in other words. Much earlier than the time at this very moment.


Our plans may change today. I was just notified that my car is ready, two days early. So, we may take a drive into Benton to pick it up. Hot dog! Oh, well, time to get rolling on this late-starting day. Enjoy Yours.

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