Last Minute Road Trip

I awoke early this morning, finished packing my car (except for the several things, including my cell phone charger, I left on the kitchen counter, and drove 425 miles.  I write these few words from Houston. The trip was planned, but not for today. My brother was supposed to be released from the hospital on Saturday. I learned late yesterday afternoon that the plan changed and he would be released today. So, I needed to hurry down so I could give him a ride to my niece’s house. I got to Houston around 2:40 p.m. I left Hot Springs Village at 6:40 p.m. So, it was an eight-hour trip. Two pee-stops, one of which included a purchase of lunch (a bag of Ruffles and a bottle of water).  Not a bad time.

After we got home, my nephew-in-law went to get food from Teotehuacan. I gave him $40 for the meal (he bought last time). He came back with a feast. My brother opted to sleep instead of eat, which worries me; he is as thin as a rail and has no appetite.  We’ll deal with that as we can. I’m beat. But I’m glad I made the trip.

Too tired to write more.

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  1. Thanks, Linda!

  2. lindakblack says:

    Since you are there he should be feeling better in the AM. May he have a speedy recovery and feeling better real soon.

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