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I have never been so damn stopped up. It was as if my sinuses had been plugged with silicone, subsequently thoroughly dried. Ten minutes after getting upright, coughing furiously all the while, I am back to “normal.” The doctors, in all their wisdom, have been unable to uncover the cause or, more importantly, the solution. So, I am stuck. Just live with it. I have no legitimate complaint. Others fare far worse. But wouldn’t the world be a better place if all our suffering drifted away like smoke. Well, I guess it is; like smoke from burning tires.

Thanks to my sinuses, I slept very poorly last night. Thus so did my IC. We must leave shortly to return home (to retrieve le chien). It is dark outside and I suspect we will leave before dark.


A few hours later, and we have arrived back in Hot Springs Village and retrieved the dog from the boarding spa. He was, as usual, delighted to see us. But he likes the spa, as well; he plays with other dogs and enjoys his time away from the day-to-day grind of living in a house far too big for a dog this size. Well, I’m not moving to satisfy his expectation of habitatational coziness.  I wonder whether that’s an actual word. I won’t bother looking.

On the way home, we stopped for apple fritters at Shipley’s Donuts in Russellville or Dardanelle. So, we should not be hungry for awhile. But I will make no promises.

I may write more later. In the interim, I’ll just post this.


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