June 4: Thoughts for the Day

If I had one thing I could change about my life so far, it would be this: I would like to  have been a better, more caring, more compassionate and empathetic person.  It takes years for a person to be comfortable with those characteristics, I think.  I haven’t had them—and may not still..for long enough to have developed any level of comfort.  My favorite wife has a way of putting it that just fits:

“If wishes were horses we’d all have wings.”

I love her for that.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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5 Responses to June 4: Thoughts for the Day

  1. juan says:

    I like the idea that “wanting to be a better person,” is a compliment.

  2. Juan, that’s a truly memorable moment; when I saw the film, I was absolutely NOT expecting it!

  3. juan says:

    Love your post, because it indicates the quest that I hope we all continuously seek: How to be a better man or woman!


  4. Pauline, you are a generous, kind, very special person…thanks for your perspective. I appreciate it.

  5. You shortchange your self, John. Or see yourself with different eyes from everyone else. I see you as caring and empathetic…

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