The internet leveled the playing field. It gave the unhinged and deranged equal access to tools of mass communication, enabling those monsters the unfettered ability to share twisted philosophies with their brethren. Their virulent ideologies spread, infecting those who had theretofore been simply innocuously stupid—turning erstwhile nitwits into dangerous carriers of the contagions. The diseased dogma—spouted by people defiled by the sickness—crept out of the ether and into the streets. Mental violence morphed into physical attacks. Victims and would-be victims responded with rage and violence of their own, spilling pools of animosity and waves of fury into the thought-supply, suffocating decency and decorum under an impenetrable blanket of hate. Only through the development of a deadly ideacide, something that works in small doses like super warfarin on rats, will society expunge deadly, mutant philosophies from our midst. The ideacide, embedded in a concept as bait, will entice the miscreants attracted to poisonous ideologies. Those deviant reprobates will consume the bait and slowly but surely wither and die for lack of malignant sustenance.  Until the glorious day when a hate-specific ideacide is available for general use, we’ll either have to wear ear and eye protection to shield us from the plague or sharpen our tongues and fingers to fight tainted doctrines. Utopia, I’m afraid, exists only in our minds; and it’s different in each and every mind.

About John Swinburn

"Love not what you are but what you may become."― Miguel de Cervantes
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