Home Again

We finally got home from our European vacation late yesterday afternoon, a day later than originally planned and absent our luggage. We hope our luggage eventually finds its way home from Slovenia, by way of Amsterdam and either Atlanta or Houston (or some other detour). I’m not counting my chickens.

No thanks to the incompetence of Adria Airways, we were able to get flights home from Amsterdam and Atlanta, after Adria’s very late departure from Ljubljana made us miss our flight in Amsterdam. Upon arrival in Amsterdam, we discovered we had been mislead (a more appropriate term might be “lied to”) by Adria staff in Ljubljana; despite assurances, we had not been booked on KLM flights to Atlanta and Little Rock. Thanks in part (perhaps) to my explosive temper and definitely thanks to a very nice young woman from Swissport, we were booked home the following day and were given a voucher for a meal and a hotel room that night.

I have plenty of things to write about our travel; some positive, some not so glowing. All of those other comments will wait. For now, we have to get back into our routine which, today, involves driving to Little Rock for a doctor’s appointment for my wife; she has several more trips to the big city this week…aarrgghh.



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